Outlaw Street

5.99 and quicker
general safety rules apply
100 points given to
winner of each round

One of the New Classes this year is 5.99
and Quicker Pro Outlaw Heads Up Racing
Sponsored by Hoosier Tire Midwest
for the big tire cars and
M&H Racing Tire

For the small tire class.
Points will be kept for all rounds
with 100 points given for each win.
We will run this class on June 24,
July 22, September 17 and October 14.

Unlimited test and tune during the
day and cars can run in the regular
racket program if you would like.
Small and big tire will run together
unless there are enough cars to run
separate classes and or participants
want to run separate with the
top car in each class running off
for final elimination.

Points will be kept separate for big
and small tire for the year
by the track personnel.
At the end of the season the winner
in each class will get a set of tires
from Hoosier Tire Midwest and
Tom Lorden of M& H Racing Tires.
Bracket cars are allowed in this class,
with a heads up tree in use.
Time slips with be separate for those
wanting N/T posted.

The rules for this class are as follows:
1. 5.99 and quicker
2. Door Cars only
3. Must pass general safety tech
4.Car must have windows
5. At least one working light
on the rear of vehicle.
6.Competitors will draw for pairings.
7. 50.00 buy in with 75/25 split to
winner and runner up, track
keeps none of fhe proceeds.
8. Run what you brung
and hope it's enough
9. Competition number on window
and N/T if you don't
want your E/T posted

 General Safety Requirements